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To agree to preliminaries of the partnership
RFI/MCD also means the idea of partnership RFI/MCD's obligations Radio station's obligations

RFI/MCD offers a Free-of-Charge partnership,
without exclusivity

Provide the signal
Assume the editorial responsibility for its programs
Cover the radio partner in case of legal action by  claimants

State clearly the source of the programs when they are broadcast.
Keep RFI/MCD informed of the broadcasting of the programs retransmitted
Do not modify, interrupt, or break up RFI/MCD's programs when they are broadcast

Prior to submitting your application, please read the general terms by clicking here:

General Terms
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Choose the method of reception for RFI programs
For a live broadcast
By satellite
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On the Internet
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For a delayed broadcast except in France and in French overseas departments and territories
Program bank
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Ordispace (Africa only)
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If you encounter difficulties in presenting you application: 
Special subscriptions
RFI/MCD proposes 2 other offers not included in the partnership contract. To subscribe, register directly through the links shown below:
Programs for learning French   Air time fill-in – Theme music catalog


Pronto disponible en español
Proximamente disponível em português.
Soon available in English